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Real Estate Appraisal

KAMSOL Elite Consultants Inc is a commercial and residential real estate appraisal and consulting firm, servicing the Provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our services are offered for a wide variety of properties including but not limited to residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural, and industrial properties. Our company’s mission is to offer the highest quality appraisal and real estate consulting services to clients.

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Reserve Fund Study (Depreciation Report)

Any condominium corporation requires a plan for long-term funding of the property's common elements (land and improvements). This long-term funding plan is called the “Reserve Fund Study” or “Depreciation Reports”.

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Building Assessments

KAMSOL Elite Consultants has years of experience in completing building condition assessment reports helping clients identify and estimate deferred and future maintenance requirements.

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Investment Analysis

KAMSOL Elite Consultants supports real estate investors by providing them with the highest quality analysis and recommendations about investment opportunities. Whether a client wants to sell or hold, upgrade, or downsize, we provide the support they need to make the most sensible real estate investment decision.

Our Services


We provide a wide variety of real estate appraisal and consulting services to different Banks,
Financial Institutes, Mortgage Insurance Companies,
Credit Unions, Appraisal Management Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Investors and Realtors.

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